S.H.E. GLOBL helps corporations modernize and accelerate their internal and external women’s initiatives with the goal of achieving global gender equality by 2030.


S.H.E. GLOBL is the global leadership platform behind the annual S.H.E. Summit (October 19-20, 2017) with the mission of achieving global gender equality by 2030. Founded by women’s leadership expert Claudia Chan, S.H.E. GLOBL works directly with corporations to accelerate their internal and external-facing women’s initiatives to drive innovation, attract and retain top talent and grow revenue. S.H.E. Globl helps corporations become leaders in the growing global gender equality movement.



When it comes to gender parity, many corporations are not affecting change at their potential for a plethora of reasons:


Companies lack one cohesive mission visibly supported by leadership to guide its internal and external initiatives, resulting in disconnected programs.

Companies claim to empower women externally but are not necessarily invested in empowering women internally

Women’s networks and diversity groups are usually volunteer based with no real budget causing frustration, complacency and turnover of its champions.


Programs lack inclusion and engagement of men, and the strategies to improve this.

Campaigns can be short lived because they’re often driven by marketing objectives instead of long-term social impact

Employees feel diversity programs exist to check a box and do not fully address their personal and professional challenges and needs


Derived after years of research, our unique solution is a three-pronged approach:

  1. DISCOVER: Identify and form an internal coalition of corporate change makers who are or should be involved in women/gender initiatives across all departments
  2. DEVELOP: Provide awe-inspiring education, role-model exposure, leadership development that lifts people, profit, purpose
  3. ACTIVATE: Accelerate steps taken by the coalition with the right external advisor and accountability partner to clarify and amplify the company’s holistic mission on women & gender. Turn your mission into movement.


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“Corporate Change-Agent” Formation Toolkit

The first step in activating your corporate strategy is identifying the right individuals who touch women’s initiatives in their roles and convening them around the right agenda. S.H.E. Globl provides a toolkit comprised of practical actions and criteria to form an effective internal coalition.

S.H.E. Summit

S.H.E. Summit is the renowned global leadership conference that takes place once-a-year to celebrate and accelerate the global advancement of women and gender equality. S.H.E. Summit convenes 50+ thought leaders and movement drivers of today’s most relevant women and societal issues on its global stage to inspire thousands of influencers to lead change in the world.

Women/Gender Strategic Planning Workshop

One-day workshop with Claudia Chan to support and advise a corporate leadership member or team in developing a global women and diversity strategy, which cohesively affects impact for their internal talent and external customers – to fuel long-term people retention, product and marketing innovation, and profit growth. The strategy will be rooted in the corporation’s heritage, history, and values, and will aim to truly drive internal and external impact for thediverse people it touches.

S.H.E. Summit at Corporations

Global corporations now have the licensing opportunity to host their own S.H.E. Summit. The global program supports companies to modernize and amplify their gender & diversity goals – and to connect, educate and activate their relevant internal talent and external community around these goals. ”S.H.E. Summit @ Corporate Name/Region” is designed to support the female and male leaders of corporate diversity initiatives truly committed to growing, retaining, and advancing women and gender equality both in and outside the organization.



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